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Avogel® Hydropolymer Scar Pads*

Avogel is composed of water containing polymer mesh which provides moisture, cools scars, and absorbs heat.



80% of scars became softer, less elevated, and returned toward normal skin color
100% of patients experienced improvement in symptoms of pruritis, pain, and tenderness.

*The regulatory status now requires Avocet to offer Avogel via prescription only.

Avogel®  4″x 4″ Triple Pack  

PRODUCT # 76170-0104-43 

Avogel®  8″x 8″ Single Pack  

PRODUCT # 76170-0108-81 

Avogel®  8″x 8″ Triple Pack  

PRODUCT # 76170-0108-83 

Avogel®  6″x 48″ Single Roll  

PRODUCT # 76170-0106-48 

Avogel®  6″x 48″ Triple Pack  

PRODUCT # 76170-0164-83 


Avosil® Scar Care Ointment

Avosil is a scar tissue ointment which contains a safe, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) derivative. Avosil improves the comfort and appearance of scars resulting from surgery, radiation, injury or burns. In addition, Avosil is a highly effective moisturizer with antioxidant properties. Unlike other products, Avosil is not a plant extract: all ingredients are known, carefully chosen, tested, extensively referenced in scientific and medical literature, and its safety is well-established.

Avosil  2 oz. Tube  

PRODUCT # 76170-0020-01 

Avosil  4 oz. Tube  

PRODUCT # 76170-0040-01 

Avosil  12 oz. Jar  

PRODUCT # 76170-0120-01 

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  • No refunds will be offered for any product that was used in a manner inconsistent with the accompanying instructions.
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