5 Star Rating “Love it!!!!!”I've been using the product for about 7 weeks now and absolutely love it. Forget Mederma, this is the real stuff! I've noticed marked improvement in my scars by using the Avosil ointment. It's made them smoother, and less purple/pink in appearance. I had a knot under my arm where the scar tissue grew together and with continued use and massage of the area, the knot feels like it's breaking up and isn't as painful. The ointment spreads on well and is thick so you get the coverage you want. Mederma was too thin and I saw no results from it the last time I used it. I wish I had known about this product a few years ago. Definitely worth the money.

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5 Star Rating “Great for Scars or surgery” have to try these scar pads, work well, can where them all day, very comfortable, and you can cut them to fit.

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After reading all this stuff about excisions and subcision of scars, I went to see a bunch of dermatologist and plastic surgeons about it. Mostof them said I would not be a good candidate for excisions because it causes a new scar, plus I tend to hyperpigmentate at the drop of a hat. However in my quest I asked about dermbrasion too, which most of them said no because of that reason.

I went to see this plastic surgeon at the University of Chicago's surgical department. His name is DR. Raphael Lee. This guy is a genius, you can google him and see what I'm talking about. Anywho, he gave wrote a prescription for me for this stuff called Avosil. He gave me a prescription for this stuff for it to be mixed with Verapamil. He said that this stuff breaks down the scars. He said after six months, that I probably would be happy enough with theresults that I wouldn't want dermabrasion, he said it wouldnt' be perfect but I would see a big improvement in my scars and discoloration.I just started using this stuff. It tingles.

Today, I actually gave myself a 12.5% TCA peel.I figure if I re-injure my skin, and use this Avosil/Verapamil mix, I could trigger my own regeneration process of my skin. Mind you I only used 12.5% TCA, I am a light brown skin woman, andI hear that TCA can be pretty harsh on people my color, but I did frost. So this strength of TCA did something. The Avosil/Verapamil ointment will help with the healing. I am experimenting in the mean time, just in case I luck up on something.

I have severe acne scars,and I don't think this Dr. would have given me this stuff if it didn't do anything. He has a reputation to uphold. But he is not a dermatologist and is used to working with burn and cosmetic surgery patients, so someone with acne most likely would never see him. That's the sad part. I think this stuff will work I paid 140.00 for like 60 grams. Here is the link to the stuff.

Read the Facts About Scars Section-Under Mechanical Tension Blockers is where he talks about the Verapamil.

I think the Verapamil amps it up for old scars like mine. I saw another dermatologist whom is like an old guru, He suggest smooth beam laser my scars. Here's the deal, the smooth beam cost 300.00 per treatment and he said I needed like 4-5 treatments. One per month. So for like 1500.00 over a 5 month period I can "hopefully" see improvement in my scars versus the Avosil/Verapamil ointment which is 140.00 which will probably last me like 2 months. You do the math, I am going to try this ointment from Dr. Lee first. I have had Levulan, which burned my face, several chemical peels, and Pixel. I don't want to do the laser thing, and several other doctors refused to do Fraxel on me.

I will let you all know how this goes. I've been perusing this board for months but never posted. I feel inclined to share my knowledge.

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5 Star Rating I have scar on my left arm for many years, it somewhat affects my self confidence. It's darker than my skintone and you can really see it on my skin. Avosil Scar Care Gel is one of the best skin care products available for scar treatment. It is quite expensive than others but it really improved the look of my scar. Heck, it didn?t even hurt or sting! I am very thankful to discover this.

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5 Star Rating I feel really terrible for not having discovered this immediately. Before I discovered this, I have been putting up too much money for another scar cream but didn't see an improved result. But months later, this is possibly the bestest among the best skin care products and could save people like me from suffering further with an embarrassing scar.

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If you have ever been in an accident and gotten a scar then you are probably looking for something that will help diminish the look of that scaring. This is a wish that I had during many times in my life because I have some scars from acne that I had in the past and it has since vanished. However, the scars never go away so I needed something that would make the scars go away and I have looked for a medication from several doctors and I was told that there was nothing that could help me. Well, one day I was in the pharmacy and notice this Avosil treatment on the shelf and the package said that it would take away the visibility of any scar on your body. I also have some scars on my chest because of the operations that I have had and so I was very anxious to try the treatment.

Basically the medication comes in a simple tube and it looks much like ointment which is something that made me feel reassured because it was easy to apply. All it required is that you seeeze the tube to get the treatment it. It is in the form of a gel and you basically apply the gel with your hands in a thick layer to the scar. You cover the scar and then bandage it up so that you can seal it off from the air.

This is a simple application and it was very easy to apply which is something that I liked because it was not very complicated or hard to get the ointment on. Also, I liked the fact that the medicine started to work within a week of first applying it. This is also something that I did not expect because it is typical that most topical treatments do not start to work until a month or two. This treatment started working very rapidly and when you apply it to your scar it felt soothing instead of burning like most medication.

This is an aspect that made this treatment a pleasure to apply because it felt good when applied as apposed to hurting like I had experienced with many generic treatments. I started to see results I would say within a week to a week and a half. When you have a scar you can see that the gash which makes up the scar is usually very deep and red. I found that each every other week the scar would appear to be less shallow than previously and the red color transformed to a very light pink and almost a white.

This made it so that someone looking at your arm where you had the scar would not be able to tell that you had a scar. I have been using this for a month and all of my scars look almost healed, I expect they will not go away but they do look a lot better than they did.

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5 Star Rating One of the best skin care products out there. I don't care spending for as long as the surgery scars are gone. Thankfully, they are now history because of Avosil.

- Jory Hargis (IA) / From Brooke Reviews

5 Star Rating I may sound over-exa