Why Avogel?

A new advance in scar treatment!

New Avogel® Gel Sheeting. Now your customers have a new, more effective way to fade hypertrophic and many keloid scars to a more natural skin color. It’s new Avogel Gel Sheeting from Avocet Polymer Technologies, and it’s now convenient for you to order for your customers.


Avogel helps relieve the pain, itching and tenderness of scars as it softens and reduces the scar tissue. Proven in clinical studies, Avogel has been effective on scars up to three years old. It fades a scar in a matter of weeks, and results in greatly improved skin appearance and customer self-assurance.


New Avogel is a biocompatible polymer gel sheeting with high water content. As a result, it holds more moisture than conventional silicone products. This provides a controlled environment for scar treatment.


Several reports have shown that hydrogel sheeting is just as effective as silicone sheeting but has fewer adverse side effects. Hydrogel sheeting has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is considered to be substantially equivalent to silicone for treatment of hypertrophic scars.


Avogel Gel Sheeting is typically worn over a scar daily for a minimum of 10-14 hours, with at least a two to four hour break for adequate air-drying. Noticeable scar fading is usually seen in one to two weeks. For best results, your customers should continue to use Avogel for four weeks after the scar fades. The rate of fading is influenced by scar age and size.

The flexibility of cool-feeling Avogel Gel Sheeting conforms effectively to the scar, and simple wraps around the scar area or it can be kept in place with netting. It can be used along with topical products.


Avogel Gel Sheeting should not be used on open wounds, or on infected or draining scars, and use should be discontinued immediately if rash or signs of infection occur.


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